Review of Bathroom Gurgle Single by Late Of The Pier

Single review of Bathroom Gurgle by Late Of The Pier.

Late Of The Pier Bathroom Gurgle Single

The Castle Donington boys are back with a re-release, they are currently touring Europe after the release of their album ‘Fantasy Black Sound’ released on the 11th August 2008.

A year later they re-release this track and I must say a very ambitious track it is, there are a few cringe worthy points which make you question if those notes shouldn’t possibly be reached by a guy! It starts off with a very good vocal from Samuel Dust, and then it begins to go out of control and a dramatic over the top rock bridge takes over.

All together Bathroom Gurgle is really good and although you never quite know what’s going on next it could possibly get stuck in your heads for days. ‘Put your hands on your waistline, and move your body to the baseline!’ You can already hear the lyrics rolling off the tongues of self disrespecting adolescent in the UK.

The structure of the track is a little unconventional and doesn’t necessarily follow the rules, but it’s all the better for it.

Keira Benson

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