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Last Man Standing Screening

Christopher Miller and Phil Lord - FOX's 'Last Man On Earth' Screening And Panel at Landmark Theatre at Landmark Theater - Los Angeles, California, United States - Wednesday 10th June 2015

Last Man Standing, Christopher Miller and Phil Lord

Tim Allen And Jonathon Taylor Thomas Reuniting On Last Man Standing

Tim Allen Jonathan Taylor Thomas Last Man Standing

Actor Tim Allen is reuniting with his former onscreen son Jonathan Taylor Thomas for an upcoming episode of his hit U.S. show Last Man Standing.

The 31 year old played Allen's middle child Randy in long-running American sitcom Home Improvement, and now they're teaming up for the first time in over two decades on the veteran's new comedy.

Taylor Thomas will guest star as the manager of a restaurant where Allen's Tv daughter Kristin applies for a job during an episode set to air in either March or April (13), according to Entertainment Weekly.

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Nick Jonas Replaced By Masterson Brother On Tv Sitcom

Nick Jonas Last Man Standing

Nick Jonas has lost his role as a deadbeat dad on TV sitcom Last Man Standing - and he'll be replaced by another famous sibling.

Danny Christopher Masterson's half brother Jordan will take over the role of Ryan for the show's upcoming second season, which debuts in America in November (12).

Jonas' busy scheduled forced him to step down from the sitcom, which stars funnyman Tim Allen, when writers decided to expand the role.

Kim Kardashian To Star In Sitcom

Kim Kardashian ABC Kris Humphries Kris Jenner Last Man Standing Tim Allen

Kim Kardashian is to appear in a sitcom.

The 31-year-old socialite will make a cameo as herself in ABC series 'Last Man Standing', which stars Tim Allen, according to

In the episode, Tim's character Mike Baxter's daughter Mandy (Molly Ephraim) is obsessed with reality TV shows and will unexpectedly run into Kim.

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Kim Kardashian To Make Sitcom Debut On Tim Allen's New Show

Kim Kardashian Tim Allen Last Man Standing

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is to make her sitcom debut on Tim Allen's new show Last Man Standing.

The socialite will follow in the footsteps of singer Nick Jonas, who played a deadbeat dad in the series over Christmas (11).

Kardashian, who has previously appeared in Csi: NY, won't have to stretch her acting talents too much - she'll be playing herself in an episode scheduled to air in February (12).

Comedy aside, the reality TV star is getting serious about her acting career after landing a lead role in director Tyler Perry's new movie The Marriage Counsellor last year (11).

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Tim Allen Returns To Tv, Improves Abc's Ratings

Last Man Standing ABC CBS Dancing With The Stars NBC Texas

Last Man Standing , Tim Allen's new sitcom for ABC, landed on its feet Tuesday -- yet another new comedy that appears to have caught on with viewers. Two half-hour episodes airing back-to-back at 8 00 p.m. averaged 13 million viewers, even though it aired opposite CBS's hit NCIS , which averaged 18.7 million viewers. Third place in the hour went to Fox with its coverage of Game 3 of the American League Chamionship Series between the Texas Rangers and the Detroit Tigers. ABC took over first place at 9 00 pm. with the results show of Dancing With The Stars , which drew 16.6 million viewers, edging out CBS's NCIS Los Angeles , with 15.4 million viewers. The ALCS game on Fox was third with 8.3 million. CBS edged ahead at 10 00 with its new Unforgettable attracting 11.8 million viewers versus 9.4 million for ABC's Body of Proof. The ACLS game bagged 8.1 million. NBC remained far behind throughout the night with an average audience of 5.4 million for two hours of The Biggest Loser and one hour of Parenthood. On Tuesday the website headlined "How Bad Are Things At NBC? Monday Night They Were Beaten Across The Board By USA Network" -- NBC's cable corporate sibling.

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Tim Allen Back On Screens In 'Last Man Standing'

Tim Allen ABC Home Improvement Last Man Standing

Tim Allen is set to return to TV screens in 'Last Man Standing'.

The 58-year-old actor - whose last main appearance on the small screen saw him star in ABC show 'Home Improvement', which ran until 1999 - will reunite with the network for his latest sitcom that sees him play a marketing executive, who has to spend more time with his family due to the struggling economy.

Tim - who has two daughters, Katherine and Elizabeth - plays Mike Baxter, who has a three daughters and a wife, in contrast to his 'Home Improvement' character who had three sons - and he is relishing the chance to play someone with a different family dynamic to his last alter-ego.

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Keith Moon Partied Too Hard For Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper Aerosmith Janis Joplin Jim Morrison Jimi Hendrix John Lennon Keith Moon Last Man Standing Poison Ringo Starr Steven Tyler The Who

Alice Cooper used to hide from Keith Moon because he couldn't handle how hard he partied.

The 'School's Out' rocker used to be a member of a drinking club called the Hollywood Vampires, which saw him joined by John Lennon, Ringo Starr and The Who drummer Keith, whom he said was like a "battery who never ran out" when it came to partying.

He explained: "There was only one rule at our club. Out-drink the other members and be the Last Man Standing - which wasn't easy with Keith Moon around.

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Hollywood Producer Bing Saved Lonely Lewis

Jerry Lee Lewis Elizabeth Hurley Steve Bing Last Man Standing Bruce Springsteen Mick Jagger Eric Clapton Neil Young Jimmy Page

Jerry Lee Lewis was shocked when Hollywood producer and Elizabeth Hurley's ex-boyfriend Steve Bing tracked him down in rural Mississippi and begged him to record an album of duets.
The 70-year-old was living as a virtual recluse with his five Chihuahuas and four chow dogs watching television all day in his bedroom when he received the strange request.
Bing, a lifelong Lewis fan, and co-producer JIMMY RIP finally persuaded the rocker to get back into the studio after months of trying to track him down.
Lewis explains, "They come barreling through the door, big, tall guys with good-looking women. I fell right in with them!"
The resulting album, Last Man Standing, features 21 duets with musical superstars including Bruce Springsteen, Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, Neil Young and Jimmy Page.
Lewis explains, "I gave it my best shot." The GREAT BALLS OF FIRE star adds singing with such high-caliber partners "didn't worry me a bit. I was pretty at ease."
Producer Rip recalls, "It took him a while to realise we were for real and wanted to get his talent front and centre. He'd kind of given up a little bit.
"He was absolutely languishing. He was in a bad marriage, and he was happy just watching GUNSMOKE in his bedroom."
Lewis' daughter and manager PHOEBE LEWIS says, "I'm so proud of him. He was at a bad place when Steve Bing approached him. He was emotionally tormented and going through a divorce.
"My daddy is kind of reclusive. For him to make new friends, the whole thing has been such a boost. He's happier.
"He's got this reputation. He can be a wild, mean, crazy hell-raiser, but the person inside is a good, loving man."

Last Man Standing

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