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Last Gang
Beat Of Blue
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Last Gang Beat Of Blue Single

I was thrilled to get hold of the debut single by one of the best new band in West Yorkshire, if not the rest of the country. Having tracked their live progress over the last 9 months and hearing various demo's, they just keep getting better and better.
The obvious choice for the debut was 'Beat Of Blue', the current set closer and one of the best chant-a-long choruses you could ever hope to hear.

A polished sound and clever use of the lead guitar are the only ones. Kristian (Walker) is his usual brilliant self on lead vocals and the instruments are the quality I expect from Last Gang. The guitar intro still gives me an extraordinary buzz as it kicks in.

'Beat of Blue' has the potential to be an anthem for future generations of Indie Rock lovers. When the aural bliss of 'Beat of Blue' finishes, you're greeted with 'Never Let You Go'. And a song that I see as a perfect end of night song to sing along to with your mates in a drunken haze. In honesty I feel that at times it sounds a little over produced. I still here the same fantastic lyrics and the slight over production cannot hide the fact of it being a fine b-side.

The chorus of 'Together, forever and ever, we'll never be alone' is probably as good if not better than the chorus to 'Beat of Blue'. I am still overwhelmed by the soft yet effective lyrics on the various Last Gang songs.

A great choice of songs for their debut single.

Dom Chalk

Current Live Dates:
17/10/2006 Sheffield University, Sheffield
19/10/2006 Welly Club, Hull
21/10/2006 Josephs Well, Leeds
24/10/2006 The Priory, Doncaster
26/10/2006 Roehampton University, Roehampton
27/10/2006 Lucorum, Barnsley (with The View)
31/10/2006 Birmingham Academy, Birmingham (with Little Man Tate)
01/11/2006 Camel Club, Watford
02/11/2006 Academy, Manchester
03/11/2006 Met Lounge, Peterborough
04/11/2006 The Faversham, Leeds (with The Clocks)
06/11/2006 Barfly, Liverpool (with Switches)
07/11/2006 Little Civic, Wolverhampton
08/11/2006 Charlotte, Leicester

Last Gang are:
Kristian Walker - Lead Vocals/Guitar, Maff Smith - Backing Vocals/Bass Guitar, Ritchie Townend - Backing Vocals/Guitar, Matt Knee - Drums

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