Review of EP EP by Last Gang

Review of Last Gang's EP.

Last Gang EP EP

Now Last Gang, weren't they one of those bands that got fifteen minutes of fame on Radio One? They had a fantastic single in the shape of 'Beat Of Blue', this song when played on the airwaves through the mighty Radio One, certainly raised a few eyebrows including the likes of Jo Whiley, but then nothing! Last Gang had vanished from all radars.

Now 'the Gang' return with a three track ep entitled 'EP', original! Ah well whatever and all that, the Leeds lads have returned and lets hope that the ep is filled with more addictive pop tunes with this new release.

First impressions is that everything has been cleaned up which is a shame because that crackling sound was apart of Last Gang. The four piece still have you tapping your foot to the beat, but there is no sing-along choruses this time round, but when you have heard their early stuff such as 'Billy' 'Beat Of Blue' and even it's B-side 'Never Be Alone', it's a shame this time round they lack the catchy lyrics.


Mark Moore

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