Larry Wachowski, co-director and co-writer of The Matrix, has taken the red pill and woken up a woman. Larry, or rather Lana Wachowski as she now goes by, became the first major Hollywood director to publicly come out as transgender whilst promoting his new film Cloud Atlas.
During a promo clip for the upcoming Wachowski collaboration, the 47-year-old said to the camera "Hi, I'm Lana," and continued to speak about the film with her colleagues whilst wearing a grey top and thick purple dreadlocks. Whilst it is still unknown whether the filmmaker has had a complete sex change, Wachowski says she has been "transitioning" from male to female for years, as the New York Post First reported.
Rumours about Lana's sexuality have been rife since he filed for divorce from his long-time wife and was photographed at the S&M club, The Dungeon in L.A..
Cloud Atlas, which is based on the sci-fi novel by British author David Mitchell, is set to be released in October this year and will star Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Jim Broadbent, Hugh Grant and Matrix actor Hugo Weaving.
Lana and her brother Andy Wachowski worked alongside Run Lola Run director Tom Tykwer in writing the script and in directing the sci-fi film - whose trailer is online now.