I like a Reservoir Dogs homage as much as the next guy, but my rip-offs need to be comprehensible -- if not in English, then at least with a few subtitles.

The Essex Boys is a thriller in the style of Payback, wherein we are encouraged to root for the bad guy -- or at least feel a little pathos for the bad guy's driver, poor Billy (Charlie Creed-Miles). When Jason (Sean Bean) gets out of jail after doing time for his mates, he decides to get a little revenge on those who figured he could run things without him. What follows is a rather wandering ride through the streets of Essex (yes, that's a city in the U.K.), with plenty of nudity courtesy of E.R. starlet Alex Kingston to break up the monotony of gun- and fistfights. It's interesting enough to watch even if you can't make sense of it.

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