Picture - Larry King Washington DC, USA, Thursday 7th June 2007

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Larry King Thursday 7th June 2007 Complimenting his annual gala "An Evening with Larry King and Friends", Larry King took part in a free public heart-health screening outside the hospital at the Foggy Bottom Metro entrance. King discussed the current state of Heart and health care in America, along with possible solutions facing the uninsured for cardiac disease prevention, health and treatment. Medical leaders from St. Jude Medical In, Business Roundtable, The Gingrich Group, National Heart Lung and Blood Institute and the Cardiovascular Medicine at Cleveland Clinic and Mrs. Irene Pollin founder of DC’s Sister to Sister Everyone Has a Heart Foundation. Heart disease is the No. 1 killer in America and of women in America kills over 452,000 people year. Approximately 46 million Americans lack health insurance coverage for one year or more; more than 10 million Americans will go without health coverage for a short period of time over the course of a year; more than half of those who are uninsured are low-income; an estimated 8.5 million are children and about 16 million are women. Washington DC, USA