Review of Spring EP by Larkin Poe

It's been a while since we have had a female vocal leading group that's chilled out with American country-esque twang; well let's face it the last artists to do something like this and actually be noticed were Leann Rimes and Shania Twain.

Larkin Poe Spring EP

The obvious difference with Larkin Poe is they're a goup and not a solo performer. Larkin Poe are a six piece (that is correct six) with guest appearances on the record from the likes of Chad Melton and Mike Seal.

Larkin Poe are lead (well vocally) by the two Lovell sisters Rebecca and Megan who in-turn dabble with the instrument playing too. There's a warm feeling that surrounds their music, perfect to relax in the three days a year that the sun comes out.

When you look through the track list on 'Spring An' and come across titles such as 'Long Hard Fall' 'Burglary' and 'Shadows Of Ourselves' you really wouldn't associate it to be a bright happy feel album, but somehow it is. Bizarre!!!

'We Intertwine' although musically seems to be simple and far from extravagant it really brings out the emotions within the vocals. This is a real standout track and somehow it captures you.

If you generally like your music with a level of commercial success then Larkin Poe might not be one for you and it's hard to imagine any of these tracks getting plays on the larger UK radio stations... This should be taken as a complement to Larkin Poe.

If you are looking to steer away from your normal genre and open your mind to something different, then you couldn't go too far wrong with 'Spring An EP'. In some aspects this album is quite inspiring in others it is just nice to sit back listen to and not receive a headache after a listening.

Mark Moore

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