Review of Some Are Lakes Album by Land Of Talk

Album review of 'Some Are Lakes' by Land Of Talk released through One Little Indian.

Land Of Talk Some Are Lakes Album

We loved Land of Talks' debut EP 'Applause Cheer Boo Hiss', it was marvellous, Elizabeth Powell's all encompassing talents were put in a nice package that delivered something close to Lemonheads indie rock it both soared and thrashed in equal measures.

It's a huge relief to tell you 'Some Are Lakes' matches their previous EP and even adds to Powell's abilities as a song-writer. To put it somewhere close to a comparison, if Cat Power could rock, this is how it should sound, sincere words conveyed with emotion and full melody.

The intensity is elevated on 'Cornerphone', 'Young Bridge' or 'Some Are Lakes' and there's a real sexiness to these tracks, the sweetness with great power makes it hard not to fall for Powell. 'Troubled' and 'Okay' show a softer acoustic feel and they really contribute to the over all feel of the album. Land Of Talk are certainly one of the best female-fronted bands on offer at the moment.

Rating 8/10

Mike Rea

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