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12th Annual Brass Ring Awards Dinner

Lance Reddick and Titus Welliver - United Friends of the Children's 12th Annual Brass Ring Awards dinner at The Beverly Hilton Hotel at The Beverly Hilton Beverly Hills, CA, Beverly Hilton Hotel - Los Angeles, California, United States - Tuesday 2nd June 2015

Lance Reddick and Titus Welliver

THE 46th NAACP Image Awards

Lance Reddick - THE 46th NAACP Image Awards at Pasadena Civic Auditorium - Pasadena, California, United States - Friday 6th February 2015

Lance Reddick
Lance Reddick
Lance Reddick
Lance Reddick

John Wick Trailer

John Wick was one of the criminal underground's finest hitmen until the untimely death of his beloved wife. Now he's living a relatively solitary life with his pet dog, retired from that world and living peacefully. That is until his car gets recognised by some former enemies responsible for his wife's death and he is beaten half to death in his own home, his dog brutally killed in front of him. Unfortunately for the perpetrators, they have no idea who their messing with, and when they are warned by a major crime boss of his uniquely gifted fighting abilities, they are forced to recruit their deadliest men (and women) to take Wick down. But now, with nothing left to lose, Wick is more dangerous than ever before.

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40th Annual Saturn Awards - Arrivals

Lance Reddick - 40th Annual Saturn Awards - Arrivals - Burbank, California, United States - Friday 27th June 2014

Lance Reddick
Lance Reddick

The Guest Trailer

After Caleb Peterson dies whilst fighting on the frontline in the war in Afghanistan, his family back home are overcome with grief. Comfort appears to present itself in the form of a friendly handsome stranger named David, who knocks on the Petersons' door claiming that he fought alongside Caleb, and promised him that he would take care of his family if he should fall. Mrs. Peterson welcomes David with open arms, glad of some respite finally, and while Caleb's brother and sister Anna and Luke are wary of their guest, David's winning smile and unceasing helpfulness soon gains their trust. However, it seems there's more than meets the eye with their visitor, as the family discover how a set of unexplained deaths have been linked to him, and it seems his intentions may not be so honourable after all.

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Saturn Awards 2014

Stephanie Reddick and Lance Reddick - Saturn Awards 2014 - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 26th June 2014

Lance Reddick and Stephanie Reddick

22nd Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing/After Party

Lance Reddick Stephanie Reddick - 22nd Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing/After Party - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Sunday 2nd March 2014

Lance Reddick and Elton John
Lance Reddick and Elton John
Lance Reddick and Elton John
Lance Reddick and Elton John

Lance Reddick Joins 'American Horror Story' In Most Predictable Plot Twist, Ever

Lance Reddick Angela Bassett

Ryan Murphy is making some exciting casting decisions on American Horror Story – first it was announced that Stevie Nicks would stop by for an appearance and now Lance Reddick has been added to the cast for the end of the season. You may know Reddick as Agent Phillip Broyles on Fox’s severely underrated sci-fi drama Fringe, in which case you’d already be familiar with his impressive acting skills. Reddick also played Lt. Cedric Daniels on HBO’s The Wire.

Lance Reddick,
Reddick might just be a perfect fit for AHS.

According to Entertainment Weekly, who broke the news, Reddick will join the show as a character, significant in the life of voodoo queen Marie Laveau (played by the ever-brilliant Angela Bassett) This is, of course, a very unpredictable twist, which noone could have seen coming. His character, who will pop up when the show returns in January, is called Papa Legba or (get ready for this) voodoo Satan. We’ll just let that sink in for a moment.

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Oldboy - Clip

The latest clip from 'Oldboy' featuring a very unstable and mentally damaged Joe Doucett on his release from his 20 years imprisonment is now available to watch online. When Joe finds himself trapped in a cell with no window and barely more than a bed, a TV and a bible, it's only the beginning of a nightmare that would potentially be endless. He discovers that he is wanted as the prime suspect in the brutal murder of his ex-wife who leaves behind a daughter. All he can do is work out, grieve over her death and ponder the whereabouts of his beloved little girl. Eventually, 2 decades later, he is released with a wad of cash in his jacket though it seems he is not free from the taunts of his captor who forces him to wonder just why he was released.

'Oldboy' is a twisted thriller based on the original 2003 South Korean movie of the same name which was written by Garon Tsuchiya and Nobuaki Minegishi. This adaptation has been directed by the Oscar nominated Spike Lee ('Malcom X', 'Do The Right Thing') and written by Mark Protosevich ('I Am Legend', 'The Cell'). It is due to be released on November 27th 2013.


Oldboy - Featurette

'Oldboy' is an intense mystery thriller about a man who is locked up for 20 years before being suddenly released with a pocket full of cash and no explanation. Main star Josh Brolin, his co-star Michael Imperioli, director Spike Lee and screenwriter Mark Protosevich among others talk about the flick in a short featurette.

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Oldboy Trailer

When Joe Doucett suddenly wakes up one morning to find himself imprisoned in a cell with little more than a bed, a TV and a bible, his first thought is some sort of terrible nightmare. But things get worse when a news broadcast states that he is the prime suspect in the murder of his ex-wife and mother of his child Donna Hawthorne, and his daughter has been subsequently adopted. He spends his hours dwelling on Donna's death, working out, boxing, self-harming and talking to stray mice until one day, 20 years later, he finds himself climbing out of a trunk in a field very well-groomed and dressed smartly with a wad of cash in his jacket. He embarks on a mission to kill the man who took his liberty while falling in love with the beautiful Marie, who tries to help him re-build his life. However, he soon releases that he is less free than he thought as his captor continues to taunt him with questions of why he imprisoned him and why he let him go.

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White House Down Trailer

When USCP officer John Cale is turned down as he applies for a highly coveted role in the Secret Service, he is devastated but cannot find it in himself to disappoint his young daughter Emily who idolises him and his job. In a bid to give Emily an experience to remember, he takes her on a tour of the White House, but what started out as the most normal of days (if a little extra exciting for Emily) quickly becomes a situation of life and death when terrorist groups launch a series of bombs that hit the White House causing a shocking scene of devastation. John now finds himself with the responsibility of keeping his daughter safe from harm as well as protecting President James Sawyer along with the rest of his country. He may have lost out on becoming an official protector of the President, but he now faces a true test of his abilities that is unlikely to go unnoticed.

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Won't Back Down Trailer

An underprivileged mother (Gyllenhaal) determined to do the best for her child, takes action on discovering the failing situation of her daughter's inner city school. Her daughter cannot read and even comments that the school doesn't care about punctuality or the fact that many students are suffering and struggling with learning difficulties. After her daughter is punished and locked in a closet by an incompetent teacher because she didn't 'follow the rules', the mother decides enough is enough and enlists the help of a desperate teacher (Davis), whose son is also struggling to learn to read and write, to help her take over the school. They put everything on the line to battle through the teacher's union, challenging and incapable teachers, and a sceptical principal and make the school (and therefore the violent gang and drug ridden neighbourhood) a better place for underprivileged children.

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The Wire: Season Five Review

Millions of hearts broke when season four of The Wire reached its bleak conclusion. The cause of this mass cardiac disintegration was twofold: first, most of the teenage boys in the season's primary storyline seemed doomed to nasty and short lives. And second, the single greatest work of dramatic television in the history of the medium had come to an end. That couldn't be easy for anyone's emotions.

Fifteen months later, The Wire returned for its brilliant swan song. David Simon, Ed Burns, and crew famously dedicated each season of The Wire to an institutional failure (the drug war, the middle class, political reform, the schools) that has contributed to the extended death of Baltimore, and by extension all of America's inner cities. For the show's final go-round, the show takes on the decline of local media. Simon spent years -- several of them tumultuous -- at the Baltimore Sun before he started creating amazing TV shows. Naturally, Simon brings much of his personal disaffection and melancholy to his portrayal of that disintegrating daily.

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The Wire: Season Four Review

By the end of season three of The Wire -- aka HBO's best excuse for staying on the air -- one could sense that the show had, in some sense of the word, come to an end. It was certainly clear for a time that HBO executives thought so, having come close to canceling the multifaceted, frighteningly addictive urban drama yet again, as it never pulled anywhere near the kind of ratings that their warhorses like The Sopranos and Sex and the City had. Although plenty of strings were left dangling at the conclusion of episode 37, "Mission Accomplished," a chapter had been definitively closed, with Avon Barksdale back in jail, and his brainy partner Stringer Belle gunned down. Since the two of them had been the impressive foils to the strung-out cops in the Baltimore Major Crimes Unit, their departure seemed to leave a vacuum. With nobody of real consequence running the West Baltimore drug trade (the Barksdales' chief rival and replacement, Marlo Stanfield, seems at first nothing more than some punk kid), what would be left that was worth watching?

More than enough, it turns out.

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Lance Reddick

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Lance Reddick

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