Nsync’s Lance Bass, who recently enjoyed a short-lived reunion with the band that made him famous, turned his boyfriend Michael Turchin into his fiancé when he asked him to marry him, U.S Magazine reports.

Lance BassLance Bass is delighted Michael said yes

"They're such a great couple, everyone is so happy for them," a source tells the gossip mag. "Their friends and family are thrilled." The news comes after Turchin sent out a Tweet that hinted at some good news. "Happiest guy in the world," he posted. “He said YES!! Love this man,” said Bass on Sunday on his Instragram account, along with a photo that shows him pointing to the engagement ring on Turchin’s finger. Check it out below.

Bass has always had designs on traditional family life: getting married, having kids etc. "I definitely want that. I'm a Southerner. We dream of having the family and the kids, and the parents want grandkids, that's all they care about, give me some grandbabies,"he told the Daily Beast back in 2011. He may be committing his long term future to Turchin, but the short term future of Nsync doesn’t look quite so happy.

NsyncJC Chasez, Lance Bass, Justin Timberlake, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick of Nsync

Bass was enthusiastic about a reunion following their brief performance at the MTV VMAs, but it really was all about Justin Timberlake – the stand out solo act from the band, and a comeback doesn’t appear to be on the cards. Nsync took the music world by storm in the late 90s and throughout the 2000s. After a slow start - their first American single I want You Back reached 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 – the band would become the biggest boy band of all time, after the Beatles, that is.