Nsync's Lance Bass is engaged! Bass proposed to his boyfriend Michael Turchin today (1st September).

Lance Bass and Michael Turchin
Lance Bass and Michael Turchin at Elton John's Oscar party in 2013. 

Bass formally announced his announcement on Twitter and Instagram, writing "He said yes! Love this man" and attaching a photograph of his fiancé wearing the engagement ring whilst Bass points excitedly at Turchin's hand. Bass proposed in New Orleans and presented Turchin with a black diamond engagement ring. Turchin tweeted, presumably shortly after Bass had popped the question "happiest man in the world."

Bass even, traditionally, requested permission from his groom's parents. According to reports, Bass text Turchin's parents to ensure he had their blessing. Bass evidently did obtain his future in-laws permission and a Us Weekly source added "their friends and family are thrilled." The source added "they're such a great couple, everyone is so happy for them."

The couple have been together since December 2011. Turchin is a model and aspiring actor, two films in which he features are currently in post-production.  Bass recently performed with NSYNC at the MTV Video Music Awards, joining former band mate Justin Timberlake on stage. Rumours of their reunion were rife prior to the performance, however sources seem inclined to agree that a reunion is definitely not on the cards. Bass is most definitely head-over-heels as even whilst performing on stage with NSYNC, Bass said he was "thinking of this man", tweeting and attaching an Instagram post of Turchin. 

Michael Turchin and Lance Bass
Michael Turchin and Lance Bass at an evening benefitting the Gay and Lesbian Centre in L.A.

Michael Turchin and Lance Bass
Michael Turchin and Lance Bass at the Chippendales Theater in Las Vegas.