Mulberry's Lana Del Rey bag has ''gorgeous squidgeablity''.

The British fashion house have designed a handbag in honour of the 'Blue Jeans' singer and creative director Emma Hill says it's already shaping up to be a classic.

She told ''We wanted to design a gorgeous bag that reflected Lana Del Rey's style and beauty so we thought the bag should be simple and structured yet relevant for now and recognisable instantly as a classic Mulberry piece. We wanted it to be functional with an uptown twist as Lana is such a wonderful Uptown Girl herself; its shape implies structure yet it has gorgeous squidgeablity! To me it also had to be very Mulberry, very us so we gave it the classic postman's lock hardware and a great front pocket - for all your bits and pieces! It's a mixture of Mulberry, a touch of Lana's old-school glamour, and total practicality: it's quickly become our best friend!''

Yesterday (10.04.12), Mulberry released a limited number exclusively to three stores in London, New York and Singapore yesterday - over a month prior to the official global launch date.

The bag is now available in black and deer brown, with the remaining colours to follow in May.

Lana has said of the bag: ''I love the design, it's a perfect mix between Old School Hollywood and contemporary style. It's an honour that such a classic and prestigious brand would name a bag after me.''