Lana Del Rey loves ''experienced'' guys.

The 'Born To Die' hitmaker enjoyed getting close to the older men in the video for her single 'Ride' and says she had a big hand in casting the men.

She said: ''It was my style, It was very comfortable. I love men who have experienced a lot of life and know what they love, and they've done it all and totally get it. They've lived their lives and have good energy.

''The guys in the video were Las Vegas natives and it was fun to have them, it was the right mood.''

Lana enjoyed every minute of filming the video and particularly loved hanging out with a group of bikers.

Speaking on British station BBC Radio 1, she added: ''It was absolutely one of the best experiences ever, we got to go to Las Vegas, everyone was with me, my brother and sister, my road family.

''I just spent two days on motorcycles with this crew that had ridden together for 15 years between Detroit and LA, so I talked to them and it was exciting for them to show everyone what their world is like, and to express their version of freedom, that was good.''