Lana Del Rey looks set to become one of the biggest pop stars in the world this year, but the campaign to make the artist - also known as Lizzy Grant - looks to have suffered an early setback with the news that her breakthrough album 'Born To Die' has leaked online ahead of its release. Del Rey has caused a storm among bloggers and the music press alike, many holding the fact that she previously attempted to break into the music mainstream under her original name but with a different aesthetic using just her plain name.
Nevertheless it looks like the burgeoning star is going to rule the roost this year, although fans will now be able to hear her "debut" LP earlier than her team might've planned. Entertainment website MTV have given the album a listen and the response has been cautiously positive from them, highlighting Del Rey's "deft songwriting prowess" and stating that "you've got to give Del Rey and her team credit for creating an album that fills the room."
Elsewhere, the performer has disappointed fans in London by not turning up to perform a show, reports, with Marie Claire reporting that a statement said "Due to illness Lana Del Rey is regrettably not able to perform at tonight's Mtv UK Brand New For 2012 show at London's Koko and sends her apologies to all her fans." The announcement has caused a backlash from critics already critical of her performance on a recent shaky performance on 'Saturday Night Live'.