Lamar Odom sends Khloe Kardashian flowers when he has an away game.

The LA Clippers basketball player often has to travel for work but Khloe, 28, revealed her romantic husband likes to show her that he is thinking of her, even though he's not there.

She told E! News: ''I am very blessed and lucky. Lamar will out of the blue just send me flowers just because he's like 'I miss you' while he's on the road or whatever.''

While Lamar will be working on Valentine's Day (14.02.13), Khloe doesn't mind because she and Lamar don't just celebrate their love on one day of the year.

She explained: ''Well, I am a big holiday person, but I don't stress...I think a lot of people put a lot of emphasis on Valentine's Day and it almost makes their boyfriend or husband or significant other maybe feel a little bit nervous.

''Lamar does have a game on Valentine's Day in Los Angeles, which, I'm used to; he typically has a game every holiday. But I wish people didn't put so much emphasis on that, there shouldn't be one day out of the year where you're like, 'Oh I love you let's go to dinner and have candlelight.' I want that to be like every day. And it should be.

''It's still fun and we'll get each other a card or flowers or something like that but it's more mellow for us.''