Lamar Odom is ''very excited'' about Khloe Kardashian's job presenting 'X Factor'.

The 32-year-old basketball player is delighted his wife has landed the high-profile job - which has not yet been confirmed - and thinks she is the perfect pick because she loves the talent search show.

A source told ''He loves it and is very excited because they watched the show last year together and he knows that she will be great at it because she loves the show.

''Plus it will also allow him to really focus on the start of the NBA season knowing that she is at a job that she is loving for the first few months of the NBA season. Lamar is very happy with how everything is turning out being back in Los Angeles.''

Khloe was reportedly show boss Simon Cowell's first choice to host the show, and she has been preparing for the job by reading self-help books.

A source said: ''Khloe feels like she has just won the lottery. She has always been a huge fan of 'The X Factor' and is really close friends with judge Demi Lovato. If all goes as planned and Khloe ends up hosting the show, it will be one of her biggest dreams come true.'' ''Khloe has been reading a lot of inspirational books lately to get her mind set on what's to come.''