Lamar Odom may only have his estranged wife Khloe Kardashian and his attempts to win her back on his mind right now, but before he can begin to think about a trouble free reunion he has the little matter of his current court case to worry about. On Wednesday, 9 October he stood trail for the first time to plead his DUI case, pleading not guilty to the charges.

Lamar was pulled by cops for driving too slow in a "serpentine manner" in August and was told to take a drug and alcohol test, which he refused to do. His arraignment was originally due to take place today (10 Oct.), but his high-powered lawyer was able to avoid a media circus by bringing the hearing back a day. The reports from the re-arranged court hearing come courtesy of the New York Daily News.

“Hopefully it will be resolved quickly. (Both sides) are talking,” a source from within the case told the NY Daily. The source also revealed that Lamar pleaded not guilty to the charges held against him and added that his team seemed confident in securing a plea bargain for the first-time offender.

His court case comes on the back of recent allegations against the popular athlete stating that he has become dependant on crack cocaine. Lamar has been battling these accusations for most of the summer, and it is his reported addiction that is supposedly behind his ongoing separation from Khloe. Having refused treatment in the past, and again in September, when he joined a rehabilitation programme only to drop out of it a day later, it seems as though Lamar is beyond hope, however the basketball player wants to prove this assumption wrong.

As it stands, Lamar and Khloe look no closer to resolving their differences and insiders close with the pair have stated that they are closer to divorce than they are no closer to a reconciliation. However there may still be hope for the pair as rumours of a recent reconciliation emerged earlier this month.

Lamar, his lawyer and his PR team have all refused to give any comment on his current legal position. He is due back in court on 8 November.

Khloe Lamar Odom
The couple are reportedly no closer to settling their differences and reuniting

Lamar Odom
His basketball career is also in jeopardy