Lamar Odom's father opened up a callus side to the NBA player with their recent feud continuing as the NBA player cuts off his father's financial support.

TMZ reports that Joe Odom told the gossip website his son rang him up earlier in the week and went "ballistic" over the accusations he made against the Kardashians in a recent interview with RadarOnline.

The interview initially resulted in an extended tweet by Odom directed at his father, branding him "his downfall" and that the Kardashian are his "only family".

But it seems Lamar has chosen to take it one step further.

Joe was supported financially by the 6 foot 9 basketball star who paid for his father's $2,900 per month rent, but as of now Lamar made it clear to Joe, that he is on his own.

Joe also stated that "he can't afford the rent ... so he'll be out at the end of next month ", hopefully the son and father will have resolved their differences by then, but a reconciliations seems very doubtful.

Meanwhile his marriage to Khloe Kardashian is still up in the air as their 4 year wedding anniversary was this past Friday (Sept 27th) but the pair spent it apart with the Kardashian sister choosing to hang out in the company of friends instead of her troubled husband.

According to the New York Daily News, Khloe received an expensive present on her anniversary but it wasn't from her estranged Husband, it was from her two best friends. The present was an engraved crystal that read "Khloe, Love You 4 Ever".

A near future reconciliation doesn't seem likely for both parties, but hopefully Odom's dark times will shortly be over as the NBA season is scheduled to begin at the end of this month.

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Lamar Odom said his "only family" were the Kardashians