Lamar Odom's downward spiral appears to date back further than first assumed, with reporting that the basketball ace was "deep into drugs" while he was playing for the Dallas Mavericks and there is evidence he was doing the same while playing for the Lakers.

Sources connected to the Westin hotel in Memphis tell the entertainment website that when Lamar stayed in one of the guest rooms while playing for the Mavericks, he left "major carpet damage" including "quarter-sized burn marks." The damage was said to be so bad that the hotel redecorated the room. 

Sources say hotel employees also found "white powder" on the desk blotter and the room smelt of noxious smoke. Insiders say "it was obvious there was serious drug use going on in the hotel room."

Additionally, TMZ has spoken with several hotels where NBA players stay when they're on the road and learned that several employees have complained about the state of the rooms in which Lamar in particularly stayed in. Some were during his time with the Lakers.

Odom's problems were said to be so severe during his stint with the Mavericks that he was cut from the team mid-season and paid in full.

TMZ broke the story of Lamar's escalating drug use, claiming his level of crack use is now alarming and life-threatening. 

Luckily for the NBA star, his wife - the famous reality star Khloe Kardashian - is willing to support him. "Khloe is more concerned about saving Lamar than ending her marriage," said a source close to the family.

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