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Lake Bell (born March 24th 1979) is an actress best known for starring in the TV show 'Childrens Hospital'.

Net worth: Lake Bell has a net worth of $3 million according to Celebrity Net Worth (2015).

Film career: Lake Bell made her film debut in 2002's 'Speakeasy' and her TV debut in 'ER'. The following year she starred in thriller 'I Love Your Work', 'War Stories' alongside Jeff Goldblum and NBC series 'Miss Match'. In 2004, she appeared as Sally Heep in the last episodes of 'The Practice' before the character was transferred to spin off 'Boston Legal'. Between 2005 and 2006, she was in sci-fi series 'Surface'. 2008 was a big year for Bell, with the actress having appeared in 'Under Still Waters', 'Over Her Dead Body' opposite Paul Rudd and Eva Longoria, 'What Happens in Vegas' alongside Cameron Diaz and 'Pride and Glory' with Colin Farrell. She also began starring in the series 'Children's Hospital'. In 2009, she was in 'It's Complicated' opposite Alec Baldwin and the following year provided her voice in 'Shrek Forever After'. She also led the cast of HBO series 'How to Make It in America'. In 2011, she appeared in the thriller 'Little Murder' with Josh Lucas and Terrence Howard, as well as rom-com 'No Strings Attached' with Ashton Kutcher. She returned to the big screen again in 2012 movie 'Black Rock' co-starring Kate Bosworth. Her directorial debut was the highly acclaimed short film 'Worst Enemy' released in 2010, and her feature film debut came with 2013's 'In A World...'.

Personal life: Lake Bell grew up in New York City with her Protestant designer mother Robin and Jewish real estate developer Harvey. Among the schools she attended were The Chapin School; Westminster School in Simsbury, Connecticut; Saint Edwards School in Vero Beach, Florida; Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York; and Rose Bruford College in London. She has previously dated Colin Farrell and married her partner of two years Scott Campbell in 2013. The following year they had a baby daughter called Nova.

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No Escape Review


One of the strongest action thrillers in recent years, this gripping movie cleverly casts actors known for comedy in the central roles. And it works so well that you can't help but see a new trend on the horizon. But the real reason this film is so effective lies, of course, in its script, which never dumbs down for the audience. Instead, it cleverly leaves out irrelevant details, keeping viewers guessing about essentially unimportant elements while getting on with the frantic mayhem.

It opens as Jack and Annie (Owen Wilson and Lake Bell) fly to Southeast Asia with their daughters (Sterling Jerins and Claire Geare) to start a new life after Jack's business back home went under. He has a new job here helping provide drinking water. What they don't know is that their plane lands at just about the same moment as the population uprises and overthrows the greedy prime minister, then sets its sites on interloping Westerners. So before they've recovered from jet lag, this family is running for its life. The only person who helps them is the disheveled Hammond (Pierce Brosnan), who's actually a shady British operative with a helpful local sidekick (Sahajak Boonthanakit) who loves Kenny Rogers. But the mob is on the warpath.

The film kicks off and never lets up, ratcheting up the tension quickly and propelling these characters into a series of outrageous cliffhanger moments. It's startlingly violent for a film with a fragile young family at the centre, so the peril feels real. And filmmaking brothers John Erick and Drew Dowdle do a terrific job at merging action movie cliches with gritty authenticity.

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Lake Bell arrives at AOL studio

Lake Bell - Lake Bell arrives at AOL studio at AOL Studio - New York, New York, United States - Tuesday 1st September 2015

Lake Bell
Lake Bell
Lake Bell
Lake Bell
Lake Bell

Tommy Hilfiger and Rafael Nadal Launch Global Brand Ambassadorship

Lake Bell - Tommy Hilfiger and Rafael Nadal Launch Global Brand Ambassadorship - Manhattan, New York, United States - Tuesday 25th August 2015

Lake Bell
Lake Bell
Lake Bell
Lake Bell
Lake Bell

#Tommyxnadal celebrating the launch of Tommy Hilfiger's new line of custom suits and underwear

Lake Bell , Jane Lynch - #Tommyxnadal celebrating the launch of Tommy Hilfiger's new line of custom suits and underwear in Bryant Park at Bryant Park - New York City, New York, United States - Tuesday 25th August 2015

Lake Bell and Jane Lynch

Los Angeles Premiere of NO ESCAPE

Lake Bell - Celebrities attend Los Angeles Premiere of NO ESCAPE at Regal Cinemas LA LIVE. at Regal Cinemas LA LIVE - Los Angeles, California, United States - Tuesday 18th August 2015

Lake Bell
Lake Bell
Lake Bell
Owen Wilson, Lake Bell and Pierce Brosnan
Owen Wilson, Lake Bell and Pierce Brosnan

The Weinstein Company Presents The Los Angeles Premiere Of "No Escape"

Owen Wilson, Lake Bell , Pierce Brosnan - The Weinstein Company Presents The Los Angeles Premiere Of "No Escape" at Regal Cinemas L.A. Live - Los Angeles, California, United States - Tuesday 18th August 2015

Owen Wilson
Owen Wilson, Lake Bell and Pierce Brosnan
Owen Wilson
Owen Wilson
Owen Wilson

The Minions Meet ‘Toy Story’ In ‘The Secret Life Of Pets’ [Trailer & Pictures]

Louis C.K. Lake Bell Ellie Kemper Eric Stonestreet Kevin Hart Albert Brooks Bobby Moynihan

We’ve all wondered what our pets get up to when we leave the house and The Secret Life of Pets promises to explore our best (and worst) imaginings of our pets’ unseen antics. From the cat with extreme snacking habits to the massage obsessed sausage dog, there are definitely plenty of traits these adorable animated pets have in common with our own. Check out the trailer and see if your pet is as badly behaved as Chloe the over-eating cat, Max the overly enthusiastic dog or the budgie who yearns to be a pilot!

The Secret Life of PetsBobby Moynihan provides the voice of Mel the dog in The Secret Life of Pets.

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The Secret Life Of Pets Trailer

Ever wondered what your pets get up to when you're not around? Well, put it this way; your furniture, kitchen appliances, soft furnishings and even tomorrow's dinner are not safe. Some pets are ever faithful, however, such as the terrier Max who is showered with attention from his loving owner. But things get complicated when he is introduced to his owner's new pet; a mongrel named Duke, who he is determined not to let become the favourite. While they might not initially get on, their rivalry is the least of their worries when they discover that a resentful neighbourhood rabbit named Snowball is organising a plot of vengeance against all the well-loved pets in town, as well as their owners, on behalf of those less fortunate who have been abandoned on the street.

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No Escape - UK Trailer

For one family, starting over is about to become the most difficult task they could ever have imagined. And the most dangerous nightmare they could ever have dreamt. The Dwyer's, consisting of Jack (Owen Wilson), Annie (Lake Bell), and their two daughters, travel to Southeast Asia to start a new life for themselves. There, they meet Hammond (Pierce Brosnan), a British man who had done the same thing years ago, and insists that they'll love their time there. But when a coup takes place across the region they live in, they are forced into a race for their lives. As an armed revolution begins massacring the law-enforcement and any foreign people, the American family must do everything in their power to get out of the county alive.

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Man Up Review


Truly enjoyable British romantic-comedies come along so rarely (Four Weddings and a Funeral was more than 20 years ago) that there's cause to celebrate this smart, likeable romp. Director Ben Palmer and writer Tess Morris never try to obscure the predictable plot, but they pack every scene with sharp characters, snappy dialogue and riotous set-pieces. As a result, we're laughing so much that we barely notice that we're also being reeled in emotionally.

The story centres on Nancy (Lake Bell), who is feeling particularly alone while travelling to London and a 40th anniversary party for her parents (Ken Stott and Harriet Walter). Whinging to her sister (Sharon Horgan) on the phone, she is challenged to be more spontaneous. So when she arrives at Waterloo Station and meets Jack (Simon Pegg), who mistakes her for his blind date, she decides to go along with it, assuming the identity of 24-year-old triathlete Jessica (Ophelia Lovibond). As the afternoon and evening roll out, Nancy and Jack get along surprisingly well until they run into both his bitter ex (Olivia Williams) and one of her old school friends (Kinnear), who sees this as his chance to win her over.

While there are plenty of farcical moments on this drunken night out, the filmmakers never play up the slapstick, acknowledging every over-the-top moment with an eye-roll and a pithy comment. Pegg and Bell are simply perfect for these roles: smart, witty, likeable people with questionable social skills. Both characters are a bit beaten down, but they're also open to what life throws at them, so the rather messy journey they take is thoroughly engaging. They also leave much of the crazier comedy to expert supporting players like Williams and especially Kinnear, whose character very nearly steals the movie with his goofy stalker-like antics.

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Man Up Trailer

A simple train journey can have incredibly far-reaching consequences. When Nancy (Lake Bell) meets Jessica (Ophelia Lovibond) on a train, she notices the book she is reading is designed to help with relationship success. Jessica tells her that the book itself is not to be leant, as she is using it to meet up with her blind date. Nancy steals the book, believing that it will work as a serious self-help guide, however she ends up running into Jack (Simon Pegg), who was Jessica's blind date. When Nancy chooses to pose as Jessica, she has the perfect date - only he doesn't know she's lying.

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Lake Bell And Husband Scott Campbell Welcome First Child Together

Lake Bell Robert Downey Jr Orlando Bloom Jimmy Kimmel

Lake Bell and her husband Scott Campbell have welcomed their first child together. A rep for the 35-year-old actress confirmed Bell had given birth to a baby girl. No further details were given.

Bell and Campbell have been together since 2011 after they met on the set of How to Make It in America. Bell was starring and Campbell, a popular tattoo artist who has worked on such stars as Orlando Bloom and Robert Downey Jr, was guest starring as himself. The couple married in 2013 and announced they were expecting their first child at the Tribeca Film Festival in April. The news of the birth was confirmed to E! on Saturday (25th October).

The news about Lake's baby broke on SaturdayThe news about Lake's baby broke on Saturday 

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Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens & Mary-Kate Olsen Reportedly Latest Victims Of Nude Photo Leak Scandal

Kim Kardashian Vanessa Hudgens Lake Bell Jennifer Lawrence Aubrey Plaza Leelee Sobieski Hayden Panettiere Mary-Kate Olsen Avril Lavigne

The FBI may be hot on the trail of the hackers (or so we hope) but that hasn't stopped what appears to be the perpetrators of 'The Fappening' from leaking yet more nude celebrity photographs.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian has reportedly become a victim of the hackers. 

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Million Dollar Arm Review


Based on a true story, this is one of those relentlessly uplifting Disney movies that mixes comedy and emotion to inspire and move the audience. Thankfully, it also has a very smart screenplay by Tom McCarthy (Win Win) that draws out some resonant themes while tackling cross-culture issues with wit and honesty. This makes it easy to identify with the sparky characters who are trying to reinvent themselves.

Sports manager JB (Jon Hamm) certainly needs a reinvention. He has lost all of his high-profile clients and now needs to find the next big thing. Perceived as washed-up, he has some difficulty convincing someone to fund his crazy plan to stage a talent competition in India to find baseball talent among the local cricket players. With the help of his easily distracted assistant Aash (Aasif Mandvi) and cantankerous ex-coach Ray (Alan Arkin), he narrows the candidates down to two potential stars: Rinku and Danesh (Life of Pi's Suraj Sharma and Slumdog Millionaire's Madhur Mittal). After JB brings them back to Los Angeles, along with over-eager interpreter Amit (Pitobash), renegade coach Tom (Bill Paxton) has to whip them into shape to see if they can attract interest from the big-league teams.

While the film continually threatens to indulge in smiley culture-clash slapstick, McCarthy's script continually grounds the action in the characters, who emerge as fully rounded people who are engagingly unpredictable. The cast is earthy and natural, anchored ably by Hamm as a likeable guy who remains self-absorbed even though he's desperate, and who takes a long time to learn his rather simple lesson. His chemistry with Lake Bell (as the plain-talking tenant in his pool house) is superbly messy. And ace scene-stealers Mandvi and Arkin bring plenty of comic relief to their hilarious roles.

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'Million Dollar Arm' Released: A Home Run For Jon Hamm? [Trailer]

Jon Hamm Alan Arkin Lake Bell Bill Paxton Aasif Mandvi

Million Dollar Arm is released today in the USA, bringing Craig Gillespie's take on the remarkable true story of sports coach J.B. Bernstein to life with Mad Men's Jon Hamm in the driving seat alongside Alan Arkin, Bill Paxton, Aasif Mandvi and Lake Bell. It's easy to see why Hamm was cast as Bernstein, the sports agent and marketing wiz who devised a programme to inspire Indian cricket players to make the jump to baseball in the search for a news sports hero.

Jon Hamm Million Dollar Arm
Jon Hamm Plays Sports Coach J.B. Bernstein In This Heart-Warming True Story Dramatisation.

"Sometimes a hard-hitting expose, sometimes a big-hearted crowdpleaser, "Million Dollar Arm" wants it both ways to be sure, but its instincts are mostly right on the money, as are its actors," says Variety. Scott Foundas is even-handed in his review, making sure to praise all those who make the movie such a solid watch, including "Gyula Pados' ace widescreen lensing," "jubilant wall-to-wall song score by Oscar-winning composer A.R. Rahman" and Hamm "who possesses a special talent for ferreting out the humanity in seemingly soulless corporate suits."

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Lake Bell

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Lake Bell

Date of birth

24th March, 1979