Stephen Townsend's The Kingston High is a low budget gem that manages to do the near-impossible: Though I'm hardly representative of the urban youths on display in the film, Kingston really made me relive my own high school experience... all in 90 quick minutes.

Kingston takes place during prom night at a South L.A. high school, and centers on misfit Sketch (Jeramie Gladman), a harmless and lovable outcast whose hobbies run to drawing and smoking dope. He skipped the prom but he's up for the parties, especially if it means a chance to talk to the girl he's been pining for since freshman year, Trina (Nicole Pulliam). Will they hook up? Will his friends get in the way? After all, there's 100 bucks in it for the first guy to get laid tonight. Or will Trina's ex-boyfriend pop a cap in Sketch's ass?

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