Kiwi musician Ladyhawke has prompted a diplomatic dispute between Australia and her native New Zealand - after she was nominated for a string of Aria Awards.
Critics in Australia are upset the star, real name Pip Brown, has picked up a string of nods for this year's (09) Australian Record Industry Association Awards - because eligible candidates must have lived in the country for more than six months.
Brown has been based in the country since 2003, but spends most her time abroad touring, prompting some to claim she shouldn't qualify.
The fracas has encouraged her record label boss, Steve Pavlovic, to step in. He tells Billboard, "It's a total storm in a teacup. She's lived in Australia since 2003, has maintained residence in Australia since 2006. And she's having a global career, which means she has to tour the world. Good luck to her.
"In the last 24 hours, we've had a lot of discussions with her management and the ARIAs. Everyone's happy that she meets the criteria, and that she's a deserved nominee. On that basis, it's all going ahead".