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lady gaga is a retarded loser! she is stealing all ideas and stuf from others! I hate it when she imitates Avril Lavigne! cuz Avril is so much better and prettier than gaga is!

Posted 5 years 3 months ago by I love Avril Lavigne

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I applaud M.I.A for speaking her mind, she is, after all, well known for her brutal honesty and frankly, this is exactly what the music industry needs and not these puppets that will sing not to their own tune but to that of their master's. I don't doubt Lady Gaga's talent, she has plenty of it, however, she is a mere revised version of Madonna. It is her originality that M.I.A is merely criticizing. If you strip away all the thick layer of marketing BS than you have an original artist that she (Lady Gaga) could be. All you have to do is search for videos of her before she became Lady Gaga and you will be amazed at her raw talent -- it's too bad she didn't go that path...

Posted 5 years 3 months ago by Aus7res

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MIA how can you say that. you havent really become what lady gaga has. I have liked your music in the past, I'm sorry to say but Gaga is the best star in the world at the moment. She loves us little monsters,praises us and gives me soo much faith.Without her, there would be no real music.Her music is so amazing,sensational.Gaga is the queen of pop and has created great music ever.At her concert she said she created for her monsters to be and feel free. Gaga is an ultimate artist of this planet.Her album has sold over ten million copies and maybe much more by now.Shes the 1st ever BILLION artist to be viewed on youtube,(In history).That shows alot. nearly 40millions singles sold.4 Number ones in the Uk.Her telephone song is No2, her album was No1 again for 4 times,still holds at No2 in the charts in the uk.Her album has stayed in the top chart 40 for over 65weeks.Telephone remains No1 in billboard in Pop.Her fashion is clearly incredible,shes amazing,her music is brilliant,her songs,lyrics,words and her passion. She is a real artist because she knows how to put on good concerts/shows, entertain people.Have you listened to speechless and Brown Eyes and it will take your breath away!!!I have just been to her concert in March to see the monster ball, it was fantastic.the show was so creative.GAGA is just so seet,lovely,sings beautifully,her costumes are great. I'm going again to see her again.Her concert is best ever concert there'l be ever.Her videos that she has created such as Bad Romance is amazing,telephone has been epic to watch.everyday i listen to gaga because she makes me feel great that i can listen to wonderful music like hers.She loves her fans,shows alot of support for the Gay rights,has donated for Hati and also started the campaign for people having sex,it should be done by being protective.She has won 2 grammy awards.wow amazing.She picked up 3 brit awards.Shes the best artist ever,I'll support her forever till the die.I love her so much,she inspires me so much and her monsters.She says its about being yourself who you want to be, I know Gaga is changing the world,because she has done for me.She an entertaining star.Since I seen Gaga on the stage last year and the pussycat dolls tour, I knew from my heart she is going to be a star.And look where she is now.Everyone loves her,her music and her passion.I love the way she is, she has brought happiness into my life and other monsters.I love u so much Gaga,I feel so much GAGA.She works hard for what she does.She is clearly the best queen of pop,Gaga will keep on creating the best music ever because she great lyrics to write.Shes awesome.I'm always going to support her,stick up for her.Shes my world,rock,idol and I love her with all my heart and soul,always.I love Mother Monster.Your comment has upset me because Gaga is the iconic artist in the world and will always be.Love u beautiful Gaga.Her little monster Jamie Patel

Posted 5 years 7 months ago by ladygagafan

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