Sexy singer Lady GaGa bid farewell to her Catholic school upbringing - by becoming a fire-starting stripper.
The Just Dance siren, who attended private Manhattan school Convent of The Sacred Heart, shocked her fellow students when she began performing Burlesque-style reviews in seedy New York clubs alongside drag queens and go-go dancers.
And the 22-year-old made it clear she was sick of religious constraint - by setting fire to thongs on-stage.
She tells Britain's The Sun newspaper, "Nuns ran my school, so I was suppressing this part of myself for a long time. It wasn't until later that I realised my true passion was music, art and performance. I used to go-go dance, and set G-strings on fire - stuff like that.
But the star is adamant she wants to reinvigorate some of her old tricks now she's a star.
She add, "I've changed my act a little now but it's definitely still provocative. It began more of a burlesque show. Not nudity but more the art of the tease and hairspray on stage and setting things on fire - definitely shock art. Those days will be back soon, don't worry! I really miss it sometimes."
But the singer admits there was one person who didn't appreciate her saucy antics as much her fans - her father.
She explains, "My father came to see shows when I was in leather thongs and didn't understand. He couldn't look at me for a few months. But when they saw me getting better, they saw how that my ideas were getting stronger. Now my father cries."