Lady GaGa requests tea and cheese in her concert riders.

The eccentric pop star - who is known for her extravagant stage sets - has a surprisingly low-key list of requests for her backstage rider, including no alcohol.

The 'Telephone' singer demands a roast chicken, a plate of cheese on ice with a tray of assorted meats, low-fat milk, salsa dips and whole-wheat bread and crackers to snack on before and after her gigs.

Instead of alcoholic beverages, the 24-year-old star asks for ginger ale, 12 bottles of still water and a hot cup of tea or decaffeinated coffee.

A music industry source told the Daily Star newspaper: "Despite her out-there image, this rider proves that Lady Gaga is actually quite down to earth and normal compared to the diva-like demands of some pop stars."

Lady Gaga also requests a pot of honey, which is known to combat stomach ulcers and sooth sore throats.

Alexandra Burke is another star to follow in her footsteps as she demands an expensive £10 jar of Manuka honey before all her shows. However, Mariah Carey lives up to her diva reputation by demanding

£750-a-bottle Cristal champagne and Evian water.