Lady GaGa 's back on fashion form, by which we mean she's back to wearing frankly sense defying outfits, the singer coming back from a couple of relatively low-key outfits to turn heads at the Bambi Awards in Germany. The 25 year-old has recently been in the headlines for more down-to-earth reasons, setting up the 'Born This Way Foundation' to help teens with issues including bullying, and also announcing that a Gaga workshop will open on November 21st 2011 at plush department store Barneys, with 25% of proceeds from the store going towards the charity.
It was back to what she's known best for - well, apart from her singing - that had the star in the headlines this time though. Taking to the red carpet in Germany, she was dressed in a floor length gold dress covered in intricate beads with a feathered cream skirt completing the torso. Sounds pretty odd in itself, but furthermore, Gaga was wearing a somewhat bizarre gold headpiece and intricate eyeliner, leading the UK's Metro newspaper - who reported the story - to liken her to a chocolate wrapper.
The singer performed at the media awards, wearing a rather more toned-down black dress as she showcased her latest single 'Marry The Night', playing a piano designed so as to look like a vintage car. Of course.