Lady GaGa stayed up for 20 hours straight working on a song for her new album.

The 'Applause' hitmaker teamed up with producer DJ White Shadow for many of the tracks on 'ARTPOP' and although they worked extremely hard on the record, her collaborator insists they always had a good time.

He said: ''She wrote this album as we were travelling around the world for the last two years, and we wrote so many songs together. Everything was fun to do. I really liked working on everything, to be honest.

''Working on 'Sexxx Dreams' was pretty crazy. We stayed up for, like, 20 hours straight doing that song. She was in a zone.

''We never work on one song and finish it and move on. They all get worked on in rotation until literally the day we have to turn it into [record company] Interscope.''

The producer says Gaga was like a ''glittery mermaid'' working on 'ARTPOP' because she enjoys recording so much.

He told Rolling Stone magazine: ''She is always in a good mood when it comes to creating and writing. It is her favourite thing in the world, so of course she is always upbeat and fun when we are in the studio. It's amazing to watch, actually. She has been a glittery mermaid all the way through making this record.''