Lady GaGa has a treasured souvenir from her summer (11) trip to Japan - a special rose given to her by the country's Prime Minister.
The Paparazzi hitmaker paid a visit to the Far East in June (11), three months after the earthquake and tsunami disaster which devastated the nation in March (11).
Gaga helped to raise funds for the aid campaign by designing a charity wristband and T-shirt, and she was honoured by Japanese officials during her tour in recognition of her philanthropy and efforts to boost tourism there in the aftermath of the double disaster.
And the singer, who donned a bright blue wig and colourful coat for the photo opportunity, reveals she was handed a personal present from then-Prime Minister Naoto Kan.
She tells People magazine, "In Japan I received a rose from the Prime Minister, which had been grown in the colour teal to match my hair and the Valentino jacket I had worn when I arrived."
And the flowery gift means so much to Gaga, she's trying to find a way to preserve it: "It reminded me how much my fans matter to me. We've been trying to have it glassified (sic)."