Lady GaGa likes older men.

The 'Judas' singer - who recently split from boyfriend Luc Carl - says she would be quite happy to date a man who is over 60 because she thinks they'd have a lot in Common.

The 25-year-old star told UK TV show 'Loose Women': "I don't like to go to nightclubs, so whenever I go out in the UK I will go to a pub and drink with some old guys. I suppose I do prefer older men, especially when I'm drinking. Definitely over 60... I like to have a pint and a whiskey."

As well as speaking about her desire to date an older man, Gaga also spoke about her second studio album, 'Born This Way' and said she wanted it to represent her generation.

She said: "'Born This Way is about living life unafraid of reality and fantasy at the same time. On the album cover I'm half motorcycle as I now feel that I'm in a space where I can explain artistically that I am endlessly transformative and I'm now the vehicle, not just for my voice, but the voice of my generation and what we have to say about the world."