There's a problem with Lady GaGa's tour; she can't walk. Now this isn't a problem for some musicians - we recall Stevie Wonder belting out a killer set on his behind at Glastonbury. For Gaga and her fans, though, this is a problem.;

And so the tour's been cancelled, much to Lady G's dismay. "I am completely devastated and heartsick," Gaga said. "I've been hiding this injury and pain from my staff for a month, praying it would heal, but after last night's performance I could not walk." The 26-year-old "still can't [walk]", she tweeted. "I hate this. I hate this so much." Affected gigs are in Chicago, Detroit and Hamilton. But the singer still plans to perform in Philadelphia on 19 February. "It will hopefully heal as soon as possible," she wrote. So what mystery disease has she got? And, more importantly, did she get it from wearing a suit made of meat? Well, to answer our own question she's got Synovitis - which means her synovial membrane has swollen due to a build up of fluid. It can be incredibly painful, and seriously restrict movement. To answer our second question: no.

In other Gaga news, her new album, Artpop will finally come out this year. Her manager recently confirmed to V Magazine, "The album is going to be an app. It will also exist in CD and digital form, but the primary experience will be as an application." How very modern.