Remember that Lady GaGa and R.Kelly video which was supposed to be released last year but never materialised? Well this week we all got a pretty good idea about why the video for ‘Do What U Want’ never saw the light of day when TMZ leaked clips from the previously unseen video. Prepare to be made to feel very uncomfortable by Gaga, R. Kelly and photographer Terry Richardson in a video which really should have never existed.

Lady GagaGaga's 'Do What U Want' video was pulled earlier this year

When the video was originally scrapped earlier this year, Gaga blamed “time constraints” and a fallout with her then management team. But the real reason for the video never airing might have had a lot more to do with its disturbing nature and Gaga’s controversial co-stars. In an article published earlier this week on Page Six, the website reported that the video was pulled due to allegations made against Gaga’s collaborators, with source describing the video as being “directed by an alleged sexual predator, starring another sexual predator. With the theme, ‘I’m going to do whatever I want with your body’? It was literally an ad for rape.”

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The aforementioned director was photographer Terry Richardson, a man whose name seems to come up every time a female celebrity decides to do a suggestive photo shoot. Last year he was the man who photographed Miley Cyrus in a series of questionable poses, previously he’s photographed Rihanna and Lindsay Lohan. But recently Richardson has faced accusations by a string of models who have described him as a “sexual predator” and accused him of sexually harassing young girls. The allegations, which Richardson has since denied, were coming in thick and fast around the same time that the ‘Do What U Want’ video was intended for release.

Then there’s Gaga’s co-star R.Kelly, who has a long and lengthily history of allegations against him involving young girls. In December last year the Village Voice published an article detailing the accusations against Kelly during his career, all of which makes for some very uncomfortable reading.

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But back to the video itself. In the clip we see Gaga laid out on a hospital bed with Kelly, dressed as a doctor standing over her. Gaga is later seemingly rendered unconscious with Kelly able to do what he wants to her body as the song suggests. There’s also images of Gaga rolling around naked and stimulating sex, while be photographed by Richardson.

R.KellyContraversy has followed R.Kelly throughout his career

While the accusations made towards Kelly and Richardson have never been proven, there’s enough information out there about the pair to make you question wether or not collaborating with them on a song entitled ‘Do What U Want’ is a particularly good idea. Indeed even from watching the brief clip of the video, its clear that the entire set up is a bad idea even if it wasn't Kelly and Richardson who were involved.

Gaga might be an artist celebrated for pushing boundaries, but ‘Do What U May’ may just be a step too far for the controversial popstar. After watching the 30 second clip, we’re left wishing this video had stayed lost forever and if she has any sense of good judgement left, Gaga will hopefully feel the same.