Lady GaGa says her boyfriend is ''weird on the inside''.

The 'Applause' singer insisted while she may seem like the eccentric one in their relationship, Taylor Kinney isn't as ''normal'' as he might appear.

She told Extra: ''He's very weird. It's like 'Freaky Friday'. [Taylor's] in disguise, he looks normal, but is weird on the inside, and then I'm weird on the outside and equally weird on the inside.''

The star also opened up about what makes their romance work and - while she admitted it is a ''strange pairing'' - said it just seems to work well.

She added: ''We complement one another. I guess it is a strange pairing. We're happy!''

Gaga recently opened up about the moment she fell for the 32-year-old actor while on the set of her 'You & Me' video last year.

She previously revealed: ''We were in the middle of this scene and I remember that he kissed me and it wasn't scripted for him to kiss me and I was sort of like was um, you know, was that real or was that fake?

''And he didn't really say anything and that was fine by me and we kept filming ... And you know, at the end of the day he's my best friend and having your lover be your best friend.

''I mean, it's the best thing ever. It's the best thing I can say about it.''