Lady GaGa seems to have taken a dislike to clothes recently, abandoning them in favor of the more natural birthday suit look.
Her latest nude appearance has been unleashed onto the world showing her and her boyfriend Taylor Kinney from 'Vampire Diaries' going for a naked swim together. The snap reveals Taylor holding Gaga half in the water and leaning in for a romantic smooch. The 'Born This Way' singer posted the photo on her website captioning it 'T and Me'.The photo has left fans tentatively wondering how much more of Lady Gaga we are going to be subjected to after she posted a photo of herself curled up in a chair (naked) at a hotel using her legs to cover her breasts and a deceptively flesh-coloured thong covering. everything else. Not only that, but a promo picture for her new perfume 'Fame' features the star unclothed, lying on her side with only an army of tiny buff men climbing on her to cover her modesty.
In spite of the obsessive clothes rejection, Gaga's new photo seems very appropriate for the couple who met on the set of her music video for 'You and I' where she played a mermaid and Taylor played her lover. Speaking of which, she wasn't wearing a lot for that role either.