A hush fell upon West Hollywood's Chateau Marmont restaurant on Tuesday night when Lady GaGa entered the usually bustling venue; although once the high-society clientele soon resumed their conversations they were stopped again, this time by a chorus of singing.
The singing, as reported by People magazine, was coming from behind a thick hedge that walled in the restaurant thanks to a rather large group of fans who had camped out in a bid to get a glimpse of their musical hero. As Gaga emerged from the bathroom, she and her three male compatriots - believed to have been her bodyguard crew -approached where the lyrics of 'Edge of Glory' were been sung, but was unable to have herself heard above the loud chorus. Never one to give up at the first glimpse of adversity, Gaga then pried open the bushes and stuck her head through, a source told the magazine, before saying; "guys, it's Gaga," with the crowd exploding with cheers at the revelation.
The source goes on to say that she chatted with the fans for a few minutes while sticking her head through the bush, telling them she loved them and appreciated the support, but to please stop singing so the other people inside could eat in peace. The fans obliged to do so, with Gaga returning to her drink at the bar with an awaiting female friend.