Lady GaGa, love her or hate her, is a really nice person. She stands up for the right things, like being comfortable with your body, and freedom and free speech and all those great aspects of life that a lot of people take forgranted. Plus, while touring in South America she spent her entire thanksgiving day helping out at a centre for sexually abused girls. 

When she returned home to have dinner with family and friends she probably thought that was it for her good deeds for the day. How wrong she was. Waking up in the middle of the night, naked and hungry, she pottered into the kitchen looking for a midnight snack. When looking at one of the security cameras she noticed that there were 35 little monsters (Gaga fans) hiding out in her basement. Crazy! Rather than chucking them out though, reports imply that she invited them in and fed them. She tweeted about the events as follows:

Yahoo also reminded us that: "While she was in Brazil during her Born This Way Ball tour, she sent burgers and fries to fans camped outside her hotel, tweeting: 'Im sending you hamburgers, fries and coke. I love you monsters. (sic)'"