Lady GaGa's new perfume is a metaphor for fame.

The 'Born This Way' singer released her first perfume called Fame in September and says the black liquid fragrance - which turns clear when sprayed from the bottle - represents the battle between reality and fantasy.

She told Style: ''Visually, it suggests a dark and dangerous prospect around the corner, but when you spray the product, all the good things about Fame come out.

''So you just have the lovely smell, and I'll be dealing with all the bulls**t on the side.''

This comes after the 26-year-old star posted photos of herself in a bra and thong to combat the harsh words written about her fluctuating weight in recent weeks.

However, she insisted of the real Gaga: ''I stay in the bottle. Behind my burqa.''

The singer explained that her own personality is reflected in the perfume thanks to the ''duality'' of the scent, which she likened to her own split persona in front of the cameras.

When quizzed about the fragrance's scent, she said: ''Sometimes succulent like a real fruit, sometimes quite synthetic. That's kind of what I'm like. Part of me is reality and part of me is fantasy.''