Ryan Seacrest, Lady GaGa and a palette of face paint; a surefire way to whip up excitement for her new release, and maybe annoy the cleaners a little bit too. On Monday (12 August), Gaga dropped by Seacrest's radio show to drop her brand new track, 'Applause,' three days after the song leaked online. Unperturbed, the singer continued her promotional drive with the new track, which included a visit to Seacrest's radio show to discuss the single and her upcoming album, and give Seacrest a make-over in the process.

Lady Gaga In Applause Make-Up
The singer took a unique approach to promoting her new material

Gaga arrived at the station in full 'Applause' make-up, a look that she continued to rock throughout the day, and couldn't help but make Ryan a little more Gaga by recreating her own look on his face. Seacrest later uploaded an image of the two in full 'Applause' make-up on to his Instagram page, after airing the song for the first time on radio. He captioned the picture; "One of us was born this way, one of us needed to be touched up."

The song was officially released on Monday, although it had been available online since the beginning of the weekend; something that Gaga really wasn't happy about. The singer declared a "pop music emergency" following the leaking of her track, taking to Twitter to deter her fans from listening to the track early (and illegally) and instead waiting until the official release date to hear 'Applause.' She wrote on her Twitter account on Monday; "DUE TO HACKERS AN ABUNDANCE OF LOW/HIGH QUALITY LEAKS...WE ISSUE THIS POP MUSIC EMERGENCY...MONSTERS SPREAD THE WORD."

Despite the hectic schedule on Monday, which included several stop-offs around Los Angeles, the singer seemingly kept her 'Applause' make-up on all day (we can't vouch for Seacrest) and was spotted around town numerous time in full make-up. She was later seen with the cast of RuPaul's Drag Race at LA bar Micky's later that night, where she shot the lyrics video for the single. Titled 'Lady Gaga Is Over,' the Haus of Gaga-made video is a less-than-one-minute long clip to promote the new single that was later uploaded to her official YouTube page. You can watch the video below.

Lady Gaga Applause Make-up
Gaga apparently kept this look going all day