Lady GaGa has invaded the UK shores ahead of her Sunday iTunes Festival opening concert. She arrived early to settle into her New York hotel and rehearse her show which will be at London's Roundhouse venue in Camden.

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In that show, Gaga has promised her fans an entire show of new material from her upcoming album Artpop that won't be released until at least a month after her iTunes gig. Therefore, fans who were lucky enough to be assigned a ticket for Gaga's show will be the first in the world to hear Gaga's Artpop in its entirety.

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Gaga Channels Her Inner "Darkness."

We already have 'Applause,' the first, unmistakeably pop single from her fourth album that had to be unexpectedly released early after it leaked online. Then came another leak, 'Burqa' - with its murderous lyrics and Arabic guitar it sounds like it could be one of Gaga's best songs to date, or at least in the vein of 'Bad Romance.' Now two more songs have been previewed in clips that also tease Gaga's upcoming London show.

Now there was 'Swine': a short video showing Lady G playing piano before switching to drums and showing the full power of her vocals whilst she sings the deliciously vindictive, almost Nine Inch Nails lyrics: "I know you really want me. You're just a pig inside a human body. Screw out you're just disgusting. You're just a pig inside - swine." Yesterday afternoon, Gaga gave fans a treat in the form of another rehearsals video named 'Manicure.' Here, Mother Monster practices her singing and dancing whilst backing dancers put sparkly boots on her feet and writhe about.

Watch Lady Gaga's 'Swine' Teaser:

It's not clear whether this was also a dress rehearsal as Gaga seems to be wearing only undergarments, including a black bra and some M&S 50 denier tights, but with her new, toned-down attire as debuted at the release of 'Applause,' we won't be expecting any more "meat-dress" moments throughout the evening that the singer herself seems to have dubbed "swinefest."

Lady Gaga SeashellsGaga Emerges From Her Underwater Palace To Give Fans A Treat.

The 'Manicure' audio is deliberately distorted so the lyric aren't as clear as in 'Swine,' however Gaga took to Twitter to reveal some of the new song's and hype her rabid fans. "HEAL ME CAUSE I'M ADDICTED TO LOVE (MAN-CURE!) SAVE ME CAUSE IM ADDICTED TO LOVE (MAN-I-CURE!)" she wrote, as one of a series of tweets giving a sneaky preview into the track's words.

Announcing her Sunday performance was to be called "SwineFest," Gaga suggested that her fans attend in "acceptable attire," including a "bedazzled pig nose," "Bowie musician garb," and a "trashbag or paint clothes," noting that there would be a paint zone for guests to get messy in.

Watch Lady Gaga's 'Manicure' Video:

Like the scores of current pop artists who think they're headed in a "rock" direction, including Katy Perry, One Direction, Lady Gaga has made her live performance grittier, employed more live musicians - such as guitarists wearing skinny jeans who twiddle around with pedals on the floor - and literally lets her hair down to give that music biz's coveted "unhinged punk" feel.

Gaga's new, more alternative direction does feel rather refreshing and enables her to show off the true power of her voice - like Fergie when she collaborated with Slash. Still, it's just a trend; a fourth movement in the weird and wonderful symphony of Lady Gaga. We await her smooth jazz album with anticipation.