Lady GaGa's MTV Video Music Awards performance will be her craziest yet.

The singer insists she's definitely not ''scaling it back'' when it comes to her stage show and outfit for the ceremony in New York this Sunday (25.08.13), where she will give her first live rendition of her new single 'Applause' from her album 'ARTPOP'.

Speaking to radio host Scott Mills on UK station BBC Radio 1, Gaga teased: ''We're definitely not scaling it back. It's actually much bigger performance than anything we've ever done and it's much more physically challenging.

''I'm always going to be as interested in the avant-garde and the grotesque. And I'm always going to be bending pop music in a different way.

''But this time, I'm able to take off my make-up now and I'm able to work in different kinds of ways and that was really what I wanted to do. I wanted to put myself in an uncomfortable position.''

Fans are busy speculating what bizarre get-up Gaga will wear on stage this time, with the clamshell bikini from the 'Applause' music video being a hot favourite.

The pop superstar is famed for her outrageous costumes and staging choices, which have memorably included a raw meat dress, rolling on stage in a wheelchair and appearing as a floating head hologram.

In spite of her crazy performances, Gaga, 27, insists she craves downtime with her family to relax on the sofa and scoff their homemade Italian food because it keeps her grounded.

Gaga said: ''The other night I laid on the couch with my mom and dad and ate spaghetti. So that's pretty normal. I love my parents and they give me inspiration as well. I need that time to feel normal because it makes me appreciate it even more when I hit the stage and there 5,000 people singing every word.

''It gives me perspective and it keeps me strong. We watch a lot of crime documentaries, that's what my dad and I like to watch!''