Lady GaGa has appeared completely naked on footage filmed for performance artist Marina Abramovic's latest project. The artist put the singer through her paces by asking her to endure over 20 hours of training whilst visiting her studio in Hudson, New York. What resulted was the footage posted by the Abramovic Institute on Wednesday (7th August).

Lady Gaga and Marina Abramovic
Lady Gaga and Marina Abramovic at 'Devil's Heaven': 20th Annual Watermill Centre Summer Benefit.

Abramovic and Lady Gaga may have only met this year but they've already formed a close bond - especially financially. Gaga's video is, according to MTV reports, in order to raise awareness (ergo funding) for the Abramovic institute in upstate New York. This follows a Kickstarter campaign, shortly after the launching of which, Abramovic contacted Gaga in the hopes of generating publicity.

Gaga in response to the performance artist's phone call, said "I want you to teach me. I want to be your student." When the two finally met, Abramovic described Gaga as "humble", "incredibly determined" and "hardcore". Although "Hardcore" may be something of an understatement.

Especially as, Gaga truly lived up to her name - to make a change- by insisting she was nude throughout the exercises. According to MTV's interview with Abramovic, some of the scenes did not require Gaga to be naked at all. Indeed, for the 'concentration exercise', Abramovic kindly bought the 'Judas' singer a nurses outfit.

As you do.

There are generally more bizarre antics in the video but as they're simply too strange - and pretentiously artsy- to write about. So, you can judge for yourself: art or simply a naked woman wandering through the woods blindfolded?

Watch Lady Gaga in The Abramovic  Method video:

The Abramovic Method Practiced by Lady Gaga from Marina Abramovic Institute on Vimeo.

The 'concentration exercise' refers to the scene in which Lady Gaga is seen blindfolded in the woods, completely naked. According to Abramovic the reasoning for this scene was that:"artists, even blindfolded, have to have vision like a blind man, to feel with their entire body". 

Apparently in this scene, Gaga wanted to "be in nature and to feel the elements" so she "completely by her own initiative, took off her clothes."

Please do not take any tips from Lady Gaga and start discovering nature nude in your local woods - you will probably be arrested for indecent exposure. 

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga sporting oversized Mickey Mouse ears at London Fashion Week.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga arriving outside Macy's for the launch of her fragrance 'Fame'.