Lady GaGa went on Watch What Happens Live and, to put it simply, quite a lot happened. Of course, everyone is mostly interested in Gaga’s comments on one specific topic. Was it global warming? Syria? Don’t be silly, there’s only one thing people want to talk about with slightly inebriated celebrities (which you can bet Gaga was, it’s WWHL after all). Naturally, the conversation turned to Miley Cyrus and, as one attention grabber about another, Momma Monster had probably the most important words of wisdom we’ve heard on the topic so far.

Lady Gaga, Good Morning America
If there's anyone, who could speak with authority on the Miley thing...

"I mean, I just think everybody needs to lighten up and leave her alone," Gaga said. "Because it's pop music. Everybody's entitled to their own artistic expression, and if you have a problem with it, just change the channel."

Lady Gaga, London
Leave Miley alone!

It was rather ironic though that after urging people to just stop talking about you-know-who, she went on to discuss Miley’s antics on a national platform. But of course, this is Lady Gaga we’re talking about, so she is forgiven. After all, if there’s one person who has the scandal expertise to talk about Cyrus, who has been on everybody’s lips for the past few months…yep, that would be Gaga.

Miley Cyrus, London
Pop stars need to stick together.

"I don't understand the incessant need to constantly go on and on about hating things all the time because, what, she's 20 years old? And if anything, I give her props. You know, she's growing up in front of the entire world and maybe she's not so happy with stuff she did in her career when she was younger and she wants to be free, so let her do what she wants."

Thankfully, however, the Applause singer wasn’t so lenient with Cyrus’ use of the word “twerk,” or anyone else’s for that matter: "I think people that people need to stop putting the letter t in front of the word work."

Snaps of appreciation are in order here.

Lady Gaga, London
She's not such a fan of twerking though.