Lady GaGa’s management are suing Lloyd’s Of London, the insurance firm who were supposed to uphold two policies that would’ve ensured a cancelled gig in Jakarta, Indonesia had gone ahead.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga's management aren't impressed 

Gaga had sold over 50,000 tickets for a show in the Indonesian capital last year, only to have to cancel the show following increasingly more prominent protests from hard-line religious protestors, and with the police unable to promise that they could guarantee the performer’s safety, the performance was pulled. However, according to the 26 year-old’s management, there were policies in place to ensure that Gaga would’ve been safe at all times. Apparently Gaga was protected from losses "should any insured performance(s) or event(s) specified herein be necessarily cancelled, abandoned, rescheduled, interrupted or relocated, in whole or in part … [as] the sole and direct result of terrorism and/or sabotage or threat thereof".

Lloyd’s though refused to pay out, citing "language and purported conditions that are not contained in the [policies]". The management company are looking for damages worth at least $150,000. Given that Lady Gaga has recently been forced to cancel her 21 date US tour, there is the suspicion that the management are somewhat aware that they’re going to be looking a little brassic over the next couple of months, and so having a crack at anyone they reckon have done them wrong, is certainly one way to go about recouping some of those losses.