Lady GaGa is not well known for her warm or homely attitude. In fact, before now few people have rarely heard her discuss her personal life or how she chooses to relax. Yet beyond the elaborate costumes - the parasols, the clam bikini, the creepy glasses, to name just a few - a pizza lover and family orientated person resides.

Lady Gaga
One of Lady Gaga's more demure costumes.

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Lady Gaga, whose real name is Joanne Stefani Germanotto, discussed her hopes for her future: kids! The 27-year-old was interviewed by radio station, SiriusXM, at their New York studios on Friday (8th November). Gaga said she hopes to have a large family at some point in her future. She said "I want to have tons of kids, actually I think at least three." The Mother Monster wanted to "nurture my children and inspire [them]."

In a rare scene of humility, the 'Born this Way' singer joked about how she would raise her children. She said "To be honest, having my own kids will be like having three little monsters with me all the time. They probably won't be fans. They'll probably like hate my music who knows."

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga wearing a dress inspired by Botticelli's The Birth of Venus.

Gaga has one younger sister, Natali, who is now 21-years-old. The 'Applause' singer referenced her upbringing in the interview, saying "I want to live a family life. I grew up with a very strong family and I just cannot imagine not having a normal nuclear family."

Gaga has been dating her boyfriend, Chicago Fire actor Taylor Kinney, for two years now and gave a unique insight into their home life. The pop sensation, and native New Yorker, has been spending a considerable amount of time in Chicago with her boyfriend. It seems her recent relocation has prompted a new food obsession: Chicago pizza. On the subject, Gaga said "I love ordering Chicago pizza. My boyfriend caught me once eating it in the bathroom in the middle of the night. I woke up in the middle of the night, and I walked it into the bathroom and I was eating it. And I heard the door opening. I had the pizza in my mouth and he just shook his head at me and he was like, 'That is just shameful.'

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Contrary to rumours about her relationship with Kinney, all seems to be well with the couple. In another recent interview, the singer talked about her sex life (presumably with Kinney). Gaga, who was also interviewed last week by UK newspaper, The Guardian, was questioned about her body image and sex life. She admitted she was "having great sex" in contrast to her earlier experiences which "were quite perverted and scary, terrifying." She also, in another incredible act of humility, stated "I don't find myself sexy actually."

Lady Gaga's latest album, Artpop, is due to be released on Monday 11th November.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga in an updated Geisha style kimono, face paint and parasol.