Lady GaGa's pretty much done it all in her career, even at the age of just 25 the global megastar has achieved more than most would in a lifetime, selling millions and touring the world whilst never being far away from courting controversy. However the pop princess has been getting broody recently - surely Gaga isn't about to settle down?
The UK's Daily Mail reports that Gaga has been talking babies to a Spanish radio station, although with it being her of course there are some rather specific stipulations with regards who she might have a child with. "I want a baby from an Italian - possibly Sicilian - donor" she reportedly told Radio Ibiza, great news for red blooded Italians everywhere, not so great news for the existing boyfriend that the pop star already has - the very much American Taylor Kinney. Born in Neffsville, Pennsylvania, he's unsurprisingly not yet commented on these quotes, though can't surely help but feel a little insecure - admittedly probably no more insecure than anyone would be dating the outspoken icon.
However, if the method is by donor then perhaps Kinney can breathe a sigh of relief; leading Italian artificial insemination medic SEVERINO ANTINORI was asked by the press whether Gaga had been consulting him about the issue, only to reply "I don't talk about my patients." Back in October Gaga was asked about her love life and was similarly tight-lipped, saying "You know I don't talk about my love life, but I'm very happy," so he might be alright yet.