Lady GaGa once averted an awards show fashion disaster by borrowing a pair of pantyhose from British pop stars Girls Aloud.
The Poker Face hitmaker was scheduled to perform at the Brit Awards in London in 2009 with the Pet Shop Boys, but suffered a last-minute panic when she realised she had forgotten a vital part of her costume.
Gaga approached Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts backstage and was relieved when the singer handed over a much-needed pair of pantyhose.
In an interview with Roberts for Britain's MTV Music, Gaga says, "Last time we met was at the Brits. Actually, you might not even know this but you've given me a present once before. When we were backstage at the Brits - when I was very new - I was performing with the Pet Shop Boys and I needed pantyhose.
"I was knocking on Girls Aloud's door and you gave them to me. So thank you for my hose."