One minute she’s starring naked in a Marina Abramovic kickstarter campaign, the next she’s arguing with Azealia Banks on Twitter about mermaid costumes. Oh the life of Lady GaGa, it doesn’t seem to be filled with strife, does it?

Lady GagaI mean, Lady Gaga might not even know who Azealia Banks is... or who Lady Gaga is, for that matter

Okay, let’s get this over and done with then: Lady Gaga kicked the ridiculous Twitter beef odd with, "I will be providing a list of acceptable attire for #SwineFest throughout the week. Item 1: Seashells. Item 2: Seahorses. 3: Starfish."

This prompted a reaction from Banks, who, clearly upset at Gaga’s choice, Tweeted, "hmmmm sounds a lot like Azealia Banks' mermaid balls." before adding, "Of COURSE gaga wants to play mermaid again….Pffft. Not picking a fight. Just all looks soo familiar….To me." When she got tired: "It's just…Late."

Banks isn’t afraid of upsetting stars on Twitter. She posted a picture of Lily Allen calling her “Ugly” and a “bitch”, which isn’t very nice at all. At one point it looked as though she was relinquishing control of her account ("My days of twitter terror are about to be over," she said at the time, "I have to turn over my password.") but that never seemed to come into fruition.

Shame. The social media bully-cum-sort-of-rapper has now kicked off arguments or at least tried to annoy Rita Ora, Baauer, A$AP Rocky and Lil' Kim in addition to Lily Allen and Lady Gaga in her ‘career’. Anyway, Gaga responded with a Gif. That’s a ‘Graphics Interchange Format’ – duh – and hers was of Ariel crying in The Little Mermaid. The digs just never stop.

Here are the Tweets in full: