Lady GaGa takes it into the upper echelons of weird with the leaked vid that's been posted on the YouTube channel named after her upcoming new album, Artpop. Perhaps the aspect that strikes you as the weirdest at first is how dressed down see is: no adornment of meat strips, she's not festooned in Perspex baubles or shimmering green scales, no alien make-up, and a distinct absence of candy coloured wigs. What's happened to Gaga? Her mighty make-under is enough to send a chill down your spine or maybe that's the gnarled monster hand she's seductively licking.

Lady Gaga
Ruling Over Her 'Little Monster' Subjects.

Come again? Yup, the focus isn't on Gaga's outlandish get-up this time, rather the patchy brown hand she's gently lathering with saliva whilst never breaking eye contact with the camera.

Eww. Thing is, the 'hand' is so distinctly fake that it could be some kind of doll or mannequin she's running her tongue over. If it is supposed to be some kind of monster, we're pretty sure the singer who topped Forbes' list of top-earning celebs under 30 could afford a better prosthetic team. Or maybe that's why the vid is just so darn unsettling - every aspect of the 22 second clip remains unanswered; not least the translucent, glistening, bile-like eyeshadow she's wearing to make her look 'au naturel.'

Lady Gaga
Gaga: Honing Her Freaky.

Voices can be heard at the beginning so the first Artpop teaser is probably going to be part of a bigger piece - a music video, a promo ad, some concert visuals perhaps - but until her third album is released on 11th November, looks like the tantalisation will be eked out slowly; starting with her first single's release on 19th August. Gaga's Twitter has been shut down in readiness for new announcements: "This interface has been shutdown temporarily. Please check back for updates."

Get A Load Of Lady Gaga's Artpop Teaser:

One thing's for sure: Mother Monster has a lot in store for her Little Monsters.