Never one to fear publicity, nor controversy, Lady GaGa popped into the Ecuadorian embassy for dinner with Julian Assange this week. It is at the embassy, which is next door to Harrods, where Gaga launched her new perfume on Monday night (8thOct2012), that the Wikileaks founder is currently seeking political asylum. Mia invited Gaga to visit Assange via Twitter, promising the singer 'TEA and CAKE'.

Gaga has been outspoken about a variety of issues and is constantly preaching to her 'little monsters' to educate themselves on world affairs. With over 30 million followers on Twitter, Gaga's influence is surprisingly far reaching. Most recently, as reported by the Guardian, she prompted her followers β€œto read up on fracking, the controversial technique of extracting shale gas, which campaigners complain causes environmental destruction.”

Assange is currently avoiding extradition to Sweden where he will face rape and assault chargers, and to add insult to serious injury, he also believes he's wanted in the US for releasing classified governmental documents. He fears he'd be sent to Guantanamo Bay for the breach.

Wikileaks had heavily publicised Gaga's visit, the website encouraged supporters to protest outside the embassy. Assange cannot leave the embassy at all as there are policemen stationed around the entire building, ready for him to emerge, to then be extradited to Sweden to face questioning in regard to claims of rape and assault against him.

Financial backers of Assange have already forked out over $300k dollars, and it looks like they'll be paying out again and again, as Assange refuses to leave the embassy.