Lady GaGa has spoken about her excitement at launching her acting career, after the new series of the FX fright-fest favourite ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ began at the weekend. The pop star plays the role of the Countess, and says that the role has given her a great deal of energy and excitement.

“It’s been so fun,” she told the Associated Press at the premiere of the latest series on Saturday (October 3rd) in Los Angeles. “Everybody on this cast has been really open and available to me in a very honest way, so I’m able to be myself in a way I feel like I haven’t been in a really long time, so they are just making me feel so alive.”

Lady GagaLady Gaga is a cast regular on 'American Horror Story: Hotel'

Back in February, it was announced that Gaga, real name Stefani Germanotta, would be a regular cast member in the latest ‘AHS’. Speaking about working for the franchise's creator, Ryan Murphy, Gaga said: “I’m just really happy to be a part of it. I like being a part of someone else’s vision — it’s really exhilarating.”

Fellow cast member Matt Bomer said that it was easy for everybody on the set to get over how starstruck they were initially, because Gaga was approachable and let people call her by her given first name.

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“It sort of takes the mythos and all the preconceptions of Lady Gaga out of the equation so we can just relate to each other like human beings and actors in a scene,” explained Bomer on the red carpet. “She’s so approachable that she totally just was there for us… by the time the cameras were rolling and we were in a scene together, we weren’t thinking about the fact that you were doing a scene with Lady Gaga.”

Gaga even threw an exclusive party for the cast after the series wrapped, and posted a couple of pictures on Instagram about it. Another cast member, Denis O’Hare, told reporters at the premiere about the host’s generosity and attention to detail.

“She had a pool, [and] she dyed it blood red,” he recalled. “She had bathing suits for all of us. I jumped right in. I wore a woman’s bathing suit at one point. She had a massive amount of food for us. She had a half-naked bartender, for some of us it was an incredible party and it was just us, so it was comfortable and we all got to know each other.”

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